Coffee tour in Sipi falls

Coffee tour in Sipi falls

Coffee tour in Sipi falls is one of those safari activities that allow you to interact with the local communities. Sipi falls is located at the foot of Mount Elgon. This allows for fertile soils and conducive altitude for coffee growing. Arabic coffee is the type of coffee grown in this area. Experience Uganda on this sipi falls safari activity.

On this Coffee tour in Sipi falls, you will see you hiking through the local villages. This hike will take you to a local coffee farmer. Here, the farmer will be more than willing and ready to take you through their process of coffee growing. The farmers will take you through the process of planting of the coffee from the nursery beds, into the coffee trees and harvesting.

You will learn the time frame of coffee maturing and the harvesting. You will learn how to harvest, process the coffee and dry the coffee beans. Then, you will locally grind the coffee using the local mortars. Pound away to the rhythm of the African beat as you pound the coffee beans into a fine powder. You will then sieve the coffee and be able to brew your own cup of coffee. You want it strong, you will be able to make it yourself.

Support the local farmers by purchasing some coffee to take back home. This Coffee tour helps in supporting the farmers who are also proud of showing off their specialty in coffee production. More to that, you will get to experience the life of the people of the Sipi region. Their lifestyle, learn some songs sand by their ancestors as they went about their lives. This safari activity in sipi falls is both interactive and informative.

Later in the evening, you can then venture out for a sunset walk on the king’s rock before retiring to your lodge.

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