Sunset walks in Sipi falls

Sunset walks in Sipi falls

Sunset walks in Sipi falls are some of the most relaxing and romantic activities to do in Sipi falls. A sipi falls tour isn’t just about adventure, hiking and thrilling activities. One needs a break, right. Sunset walks in sipi falls are one of those relaxing activities. Due to its strategic locations, Sipi falls offers spectacular views of the Karamoja flat lands. Perched on the slopes of Mt. Elgon, Sipi falls offers spectacular and serene views on your Uganda safari tour.

The sunset walk.

The sunset walk in Sipi falls starts with a hike or a drive to the King’s rock. This is a plateau that is well located on a cliff overlooking a vast area. On this safari activity in sipi falls, you will be guided to the plateau. You can choose to drive or hike to the plateau depending on the location of your safari lodge. At the plateau, you will have amazing views of the main waterfall. The other waterfalls as well as the low lands of Karamoja can be seen on this sunset walk in sipi falls. Watch the sunset as you sip a glass of wine or a beverage. The spot is so romantic that many marriage proposals have been made here.

On this plateau, the views and roars of the water falls adds more serenity to your Uganda safari experience. Panoramic views are one of the highlights to this sunset walk. Relax and appreciate the beauty of nature in Sipi falls. Carry a jacket or poncho as it gets chilly as the sun sets over the horizon.

This Sunset walk in Sipi falls is one of the activities that imprint themselves on your mind. After hiking and abseiling, relax and enjoy the beauty of Uganda. Looking for a romantic spot for you and your loved one, look no further. The King’s rock in sipi falls is one of the most romantic spots in Uganda.

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