1 Day Kampala Cultural safari tour

1 Day Kampala Cultural safari tour

1 Day Kampala Cultural safari tour

This 1 Day Kampala Cultural safari tour takes you on a journey through some of the most thrilling cultural excursions in Kampala. Kampala city seats on what was once the center of the Buganda Kingdom. Buganda Kingdom was the most dominant tribe in Uganda. On this cultural tour, we will get to visit the different cultural sites and get to learn about the Kings, people and the history of the Baganda.

1 Day Kampala Cultural safari tour highlights

  • Visit the Kabaka’s palace
  • Visit the Museum
  • Visit the Kasubi royal tombs
  • Indulge in traditional food (Luwombo)
  • Visit Museum
  • Ndere cultural dance

Cultural safari tour detailed itinerary

Visit the Kabaka’s palace.

We will start our 1 Day Kampala Cultural safari tour with a visit to the Kabaka’s place. Known as the Lubiri in the local language, it is the most famous in Buganda’s history. The Palace is located in Mengo and was built in 1885. Learn about the 4 different gates to the palace and their purposes on this cultural safari tour. Visit the torture chambers that were used during Idi Amin Dada’s brutal regimes.

Visit Kasubi tombs.

1 Day Kampala Cultural safari tour
Kasubi Tombs

After the Kabaka’s palace, we will continue to Kasubi tombs. This is the burial grounds for the Buganda Kings and other members of Buganda royal family. In this heritage site, rituals are held here and its where 4 of Buganda previous kings were buried. Learn more about the Buganda culture.

The museum

The Museum holds very interesting cultural artifacts. The preserved remains of the God of war Kibuka. Learn of his death at the hands of a woman. Cultural wear, war artifacts, depicting the life of the Baganda can be found at the museum.


Following some of the excursions, it time for a much needed lunch break. We will head out for a local restaurant that makes traditional dishes. These are called Luwombo. These local dishes are made special and unique. Food and sauce is wrapped in banana leaves, giving it an authentic taste.

Visit the Gadaffi mosque.

On the Cultural safari tour, we will visit the Gaddafi mosque. Although it is not a cultural site, it offers an over view of the administrative regions of Buganda. With its high tower, we will be able to learn and see the different hills that make up the center of administration of Buganda. The structure is equally impressive.

Ndere center.

We will end our cultural safari tour with a performance at the Ndere center. We will indulge in the different traditional dances of the numerous cultures in Uganda. Learn more about the different cultures through their dance. The guide will drop you at your hotel or residence after your 1 Day Kampala Cultural safari tour







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