Cycling in Uganda

Cycling in Uganda-Uganda cycling safaris

Cycling in Uganda

Most if not all Uganda safaris are done in customized safari vehicles, boats and nature walks. However, these modes of “safaring” however effective, lack a certain sense of adventure for those who would like to explore more of Uganda. Cycling is one of the ways of touring the country, encountering the local communities, enjoying the fresh air and getting an amazing work out. Uganda cycling safaris get you out of the vehicles, enjoying the amazing scenery as you cycle on the dirt roads or the hair pin bends on the tarmac roads. At Getaway Uganda tours, we have made it our mission to take you on a ride of your life.

Road cycling in Uganda

Cycling in UgandaUganda is blessed with different terrain that offers amazing cycling safaris. The western part of Uganda is hilly, offering cyclists with a chance to grind up the hill. The experience of the hairpin bends, the slopes, and the hills can only be compared to “Tour de France”. The region raises 2000m (6000ft) above sea level. At this altitude, your Uganda cycling safaris is cool with amazing views of the hills and mountains of Sabinyo, Muhabura and the rolling hills of Kabale and Kisoro.


Off road cycling

The Albertine rift in the western part of Uganda offers spectacular views of the escarpments if you love off road cycling. Children cheer you on as you drive through the villages. The cool weather and fresh air make your Uganda cycling safaris refreshing. The forests and tea plantations are a sight to behold as you cycle your way through the villages. The Northern part of Uganda is yet another arena for cycling. The area is semi-arid with rock crop ups. This is perfect for off road cycling.

Cycling safaris.

View wildlife in style as you cycle through the national parks on your Uganda safari tour. Spot the zebras, topi, giraffes, kobs, buffalo and many more as you enjoy your Uganda safaris. However, not all parks allow cycling. Most national parks are home to wildlife that can attack. Cycling safaris are only done in Lake Mburo and Pian Upe game reserve. These parks don’t have major predators that can be a danger to humans. Lions, leopards, elephants, hippos and buffalo are a major threat when you cycle in the park. An armed ranger is provided on your cycling safari for protection and guiding in the national parks.

At Getaway Uganda tours, we tailor your Uganda cycling safaris according to your interests, physical fitness and the time you have for your safari. With service vans available for breakdowns, water replenishing, food supplies and relief in case you are tired or injured.