Lake Mburo National park

Lake Mburo National Park is located in Western Uganda in a district called Mbarara about three and a half hours drive from Kampala making it the closest national park to the city. It occupies approximately 370 square km making it the smallest national park in Uganda. Boasting the presence of ancient metamorphic rocks, Lake Mburo National Park is home to eland, impala and klipspringer found nowhere else in Uganda.

lake mburo wildlife

With more than 68 mammal species, the park also harbors thousands of Zebras, lots of leopards, buffalos, waterbuck, warthog, reedbuck, oribi and topi among other animals. Commonly found in this park are the hyenas, genet and white tailed mongoose often seen at night. In addition to that, Lake Mburo National Park is home to over 300 bird species which include the rare Shoebill Stork and the African Finfoot.

At the centre of the Park is the famous Lake Mburo which together with other 13 lakes forms part of a 50 km wetland system linked by a swamp. Five of these lakes are found within the park’s borders. The park has a vast woodland. Situated in a rich and beautiful landscape with hills, valleys, forests, seasonal and permanent swamps, the park gives the wildlife the best of the best.



In the forests and swampy areas of Lake Mburo National Park, bird watching is the best activity to do. In these areas, you will be able to see bird species like the Brown-chested Lawping, the Grey Crowned Crane, the Bateleur, Coqui Francolin and the Rufous-bellied Heron.


This is the best way to see and feel Lake Mburo. With a two-hour boat trip, you’ll be able to come across hippos, crocodiles and other animals like buffalos that come to quench their thirst in the shores. You will also see water birds like the Fish eagle, Kingfisher and the African Finfoot.

boat cruise in lake mburo


The best time to take game drives is early in the morning, late afternoon and even at night. In the morning and afternoon you will likely see the zebras, impala, reedbuck, oribi, bush buck, topi, warthog, herds of eland and if lucky you can encounter girrafes.

During the night, leopards, bushbabys and pottos which are rarely seen during the day roam the night. These drives are normally escorted by ranger guides.


These walks enable you to notice details often missed by drives. All walks in the park are accompanied by are a ranger guide. You will have an opportunity to go to the salt lick at Rwonyo, the lake’s banks, the raised platforms near the swamps where you can overlook the swamps and if lucky see the shy sitatunga.

Hikes through the woodland will give you an opportunity to see forest animals and birds while those at the top of the hill will give you a chance to see 9 out of 14 beautiful lakes in the region.


This exciting activity gives you a perfect opportunity to see wildlife without scaring them away. Arranged at the Mihingo Lodge, these four-hour rides will grant you a chance to see buffalos, warthog, zebras and impalas among other animal. You will also have a chance to go to hilltop views.

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