Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Zziwa Rhino SanctuaryZziwa rhino sanctuary is a private animal sanctuary in Uganda. It harbors Uganda’s endangered white rhinos. The sanctuary covers an area of 70 square kilometers and is located in the Kafu basin of Nakasongola. The sanctuary is located 180km from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. It’s a 3 hours’ drive and strategically located half way between Kampala and Murchison falls national park.

Due to the political instabilities in Uganda in the 1970s and 80s, poaching of the rhinos depleted Uganda of its rhinos and by 1983, they were extinct. In 2005, Zziwa rhino sanctuary was established by the Rhino Fund Uganda.

In Uganda, Zziwa rhino sanctuary is the only place where wild rhinos can be found. The Sanctuary started with 6 rhinos and these have steadily grown to 30 as of February 2020. The sanctuary has up to 70 rangers and these provide much needed security for these endangered species. The rangers work hand in hand with Uganda wildlife authority and Zziwa ranchers limited.

More to that Zziwa rhino sanctuary is home to other mammal species like antelopes, crocodiles, monkeys and many more. Bird species like the famous shoe bill can be found in this sanctuary. This allows for various safari activities in Zziwa rhino sanctuary.

Activities in Zziwa rhino sanctuary

Rhino Trekking

Rhino trekking is one of the thrilling activities that can be done on any Uganda safari. It’s done on foot. Bear in mind that these rhinos are wild. This makes for a thrilling Uganda rhino safari. A certain distance is maintained at all times and the guidance of the rangers is paramount.

Rhino trekking is done in the rhino’s natural habitat. You will have to do a nature walk through the wilderness. This trek take a couple of minutes. During the trek, flash photography is prohibited and you are allowed a couple of minutes before moving on to the next rhino family. This keeps them calm.


The sanctuary is home to 350 bird species. Bird lovers will find this sanctuary a haven. They can be seen on your Rhino trek or nature walk. The experienced bird guides will be with you if you have any questions. Some of the birds that are found in Zziwa rhino sanctuary include; shoebill, blue spotted dove, ground horn bill, abdim’s stork, African black crane, Guinea fowl and many more.

Nature Walks

Nature walks in the rhino sanctuary allow you to hike through the sanctuary at ease. Wildlife like Bush bucks, oribi, duikers, white and black colobus, vervet monkeys and an occasional leopard can be seen on this nature walk. With trained rangers, you will be safe.

Accommodation in Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Zziwa rhino sanctuary has a comfortable accommodation where you can have an overnight stay. They also have a restaurant where mouthwatering dishes are prepared and served.

Amuka safari lodge is another lodge in the sanctuary offering upscale accommodation in African bandas. They have a swimming pool that attracts plenty of bird species adding some melody to your Ugandan Safari.

Since the sanctuary is along the Murchison falls national park route, consider adding this amazing destination to the list of your Uganda safari destinations.